The place for small business founders and owners, especially in agriculture.

I am passionate about small business and I love to find a need or a niche and create a business to fill it.  I love taking an idea and turning it into a viable business - creating a logo and refining the model. Building a pricing structure and website and putting it out there in the world.  I’ve always done everything on a shoestring and worked hard to make it happen. I don't believe in business plans as much as I believe in planning on making it work! 

I have been starting businesses since I was 9 years old, before I really knew that I was starting businesses or that I loved entrepreneurialism, and have started 15 small businesses from idea to brick-and-mortar business.  I love finding a niche and filling it, providing a great product or service for customers, branding, marketing, creating a path and growing into a successful, profitable business.

I've learned I need to be a one-man-show to start a business on a budget and have taught myself how to create logos and brochures, build websites, sell online, ship and everything in between. 

I am passionate about sharing what I've learned so others can do the same and this community has been a long time coming to provide everything you need to learn so that YOU CAN DO IT too!

I know this community will provide you with valuable tools, a path to success and the confidence to make it happen. I hope you'll find tons of valuable information in the community as well as joining me in our discussion forum to ask questions and hear about tips and bonus info, so we can join YOU on your path to success.